CC19 teaming up with TRAC Cymru

With the many exciting changes to Cwlwm Celtaidd for 2019, we are extremely happy to announce our new partnership with TRAC Cymru, an initiative that promotes and encourages the participation in and the development of the Folk Music scene in wales.

Here’s a bit from the TRAC Cymru Website:

“We kindle interest, nurture talent and present the very best of Wales’ folk musicians across the world. We hold day courses and residential courses to help enthusiasts and professionals hone their skills and develop talent across our traditional arts. You’ll find us working in schools, in communities, on festival fields and at international showcases, helping to ensure that the traditional arts of Wales continue to enrich lives regardless of age, background, race or language.”

With TRAC on board, we hope that we can nurture the passion for Folk Music, Dance and Culture within the younger generations.

For more information on TRAC, plese see their Website