Kekezza reformed for the 10th anniversary of their first performance at the Lorient Interceltic Festival in
2008, the year of Wales. Having come together in 2006 they went on to represent Cornwall at many Celtic events and festivals in places such as Wales, Asturias and Brittany as well as extensively at home in Cornwall.

But with the call of university and work, Lorient 2012 was their last public performance together. Individually they have continued to dance, play and sing across the world with many other Cornish groups but are excited to perform together again as Kekezza.

They take their name from the Cornish word for ‘heather’, which is often used as a symbol of Cornwall and incorporate the colours of the flowers into their costume. Their main costume is the traditional working dress of the 19th century with headdresses (‘gooks’ in Cornish) from their local area in the heart of the mining district.