Gracie Richards

Gracie is a bilingual singer songwriter who hails from Maesteg in the Llynfi Valley.  Writing songs from a young age,  Gracie has been influenced by a mixture of pop, rock Indie and folk performers in both the English and Welsh Language.  She was a part of the Bridgend 2017 eisteddfod proclamation ceremony where she played a self-penned song entitled,  ‘Hwyl Fawr’. Since then she has performed on Prynhawn Da and Noson Lawen on S4C as well as Introfest and the Tafwyl Fringe festival.  This summer she will play the main stage at the Roots Festival in Bridgend.  Having played a smaller scale set at Cwlwm in 2017,  Gracie is looking forward to hitting the main stage with her unique brand of anglo-welsh tunes and musings.  Gracie has a busy year planned with her management team at ‘Bordr’.

Check out her social media (Instagram: @gracierichards_ facebook: @gracierichardsmusic) for further information and performances. You can also listen to more of her music on Soundcloud (GRACIE).